5 Questions with Frank Cammuso


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Welcome to another installment of 5 Questions with a 5-Year-Old. Today, Zoey chats with Frank Cammuso.

Zoey is most familiar with Frank from his work writing and illustrating the The Misadventures of Salem Hyde series (Amulet Books) and the Otto series (Toon Books). But Frank has also created the Knights of the Lunch Table and Max Hamm: Fairy Tale Detective series (Graphix/Scholastic and Nite Owl Comix, respectively).

In short, he’s a kids comics powerhouse.


The Otto books are a collaboration with Jay Lynch and put out by Toon Books (an imprint of Candlewick Press), so it goes without saying that they’re just lovely. Otto is a little cat that constantly gets himself into trouble. In Otto’s Orange Day, he makes a wish for the entire world to become his favorite color. In Otto’s Backwards Day, he jumps through a swirling portal (never a good idea) to a world where everything is backwards. (We also learn a lot about palindromes along the way).


Imagine a cross between Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes) and Vannelope von Schweetz (from Wreck-It Ralph), and you’ve got a pretty good picture of Salem Hyde. She’s a witch who hasn’t quite learned to handle her powers, so they tend to get the better of her. There are two books in the series so far–Spelling Trouble and Big Birthday Bash–and we’ve reviewed both of them. Be sure to check ’em out. (Books 3 and 4 are coming soon.)

Showing rough pages for Salem Hyde #4

Sharing rough pages for Salem Hyde #4

As always, all questions are Zoey’s. I simply prompt her with “clue words” so she can remember. (Make sure you turn on subtitles if you can’t make out Zoey’s questions.)

Thanks so much to Frank Cammuso for taking the time to chat with Zoey!

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