5 Questions with G. Willow Wilson

G Willow Wilson

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Welcome to another installment of 5 Questions with a 5-Year-Old. Today, Zoey chats with G. Willow Wilson: author of the ongoing Ms. Marvel series with Marvel Comics.

I should probably preface this with a brief history of how and why Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) found her way home with us. Luckily, I’ve already written about that. So please go read about it here. Go on. I’ll wait for you.

It should therefore go without saying that when Zoey found out the woman responsible for writing and bringing Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel to life was going to be at New York Comic-Con, she was right up there at the top of the list of people she wanted to meet.

If Zoey’s costume hadn’t given it away, she’s still very much a huge fan of the series, 9 issues (and 9 months) in. As am I.


This is the type of “unlikely superhero coming to terms with her new powers” story that Marvel has historically done so well. But it thankfully doesn’t simply retread ground that’s become so common as to be cliche.

In other words, this isn’t just a gender-reversal on the tropes that are now oh-so-familiar in the Spider-Man and X-Men books. It’s a well-crafted, unique story set within the existing Marvel universe.

The fact that the hero is a young woman and a person of color? That just seals the deal, as far as we’re concerned.

Zoey refused to take off the Ms. Marvel costume the entire NYCC weekend, wearing it all three days. (To be fair, she got a lot of attention while wearing it, which she enjoyed.) It was also her Halloween costume this year.

No one gets a writing assignment as high-profile as Ms. Marvel by being a newcomer, but G. Willow Wilson’s writing credits prior to developing Kamala Khan qualify her as being a “relative” newcomer to monthly comics.


She’s published graphic novels with DC Comics, Vertigo (DC), and Marvel Comics, and she’s published a memoir and work of fiction with Grove Press. Ms. Marvel is her first ongoing monthly title, and it’s safe to say we’ll be watching her work with great interest from now on.

She’s one of the sweetest people working in comics, and Marvel is lucky to have her.

As always, all questions are Zoey’s. I simply prompt her with “clue words” so she can remember. (Make sure you turn on subtitles if you can’t make out Zoey’s questions.)

Thanks so much to G. Willow WIlson for taking the time to chat with Zoey and to her literary agent Warren Frazier for putting us in touch!

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