Lego 75032: X-Wing Fighter Microfighters

Lego 75032: X-Wing Fighter / Microfighters

Our second Microfighters set was this stubby little X-Wing. Just like the Millennium Falcon, Lego has gone for style over substance, and the best way to sum this up is: cute.

Specs: 97 pieces (4 extras–nothing special); 2 bags; 20 steps over 25 pages; and it took the 5yo Roarbot about 30 minutes to assemble

Again, like the Millennium Falcon Microfighter, there are a ton of tiny pieces packed in here. In its final form, it’s a fairly solid little guy.

The coolest thing by far is that the X-Wing foils are functional. All four move up and down a little, so the ship can be in attack formation…or not. We weren’t expecting that from such a small set, but I guess we should’ve known better.

Verdict? It’s definitely a cool ship. BUT. Is this not Luke? He’s given a blaster instead of a lightsaber. I understand this is a pilot, but Luke should ALWAYS have a lightsaber. Perhaps the most telling, though, is that that’s definitely not R2 behind him. This droid is green. So, it almost feels like a cheat to buy an X-Wing and get a generic pilot and droid.



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