Star Wars #3 (Marvel)

Issue #3 (September 1977): Death Star!

  • Scripter/Editor: Roy Thomas
  • Artists/Illustrators: Howard Chaykin & Steve Leialoha

Issue 3 brings us halfway through the treatment of the first movie. First of all, take a look at that cover. Just soak it in. Look at the determination on their faces, especially Leia. I think we’re seeing more emotion in Luke’s face here than we actually see on screen in the entire movie! I kid.

We start out on the bridge of the Death Star with Tarkin, Vader, and Leia. Right away, on page 1, Zoey thinks she’s very clever by predicting what’s going to happen: “I can guess they’re going to destroy that world!”

Turns out she’s right. Clever girl. However, she instantly gets nitpicky.

Page 2:

“One instant, the laser weapons of the massive aptly-named Death Star are focused on the small green planet of Alderaan…”

Zoey: “Wait a minute! It’s not green. It’s rainbow!” What? She convinces me to turn back a page….

Turns out she’s right again. And we’re only two pages in.

Page 6: “How come Luke has a red lightsaber? It should be blue…or green.” Keep in mind that this little girl hasn’t even SEEN the movies yet. She makes me so proud.

Look out for Bigfoot! He’s got a mean right hook.

During Han and Luke’s attack on the cell block to rescue Leia, we’re given two somewhat disturbing images. The first is this rather brutal shot that was apparently left on the cutting room floor:

The second is this: Han Solo doing a brokeback pose in Stormtrooper gear. *shudder* Nightmare fuel.

The issue ends “on a cliffhanger” with Leia broken out of her cell but Imperial troops closing in. Will they find a garbage chute to escape through?

I’ll leave you with Devil Vader. Until next week!

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