Transformers Rescue Bots toys

When my kids first became obsessed with the younger, much more kid-friendly version of the Transformers–Rescue Bots–I started to poke around in stores to see what toys were available.

Turns out there are a couple different ones. There are small PVC characters that aren’t poseable and, frankly, really not that much fun. Sam (2-year-old Roarbot) has a few of these. Aside from the availability of the human characters on the show, there’s really not much to them.

However, the larger transforming toys are a different matter entirely. Made by Hasbro under the Playskool Heroes line, there are (currently) 6 different vehicles: the 4 Rescue Bots themselves–Heatwave, Chase, Boulder, Blades–and Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Just as the show is aimed at a younger audience, so are these toys. In both vehicle and robot mode, they are “chunky” and perfect for little hands. The transforming actions are also simplified. In most cases, it’s a single action that switches them back and forth. Only Optimus and Heatwave have a second action to create “feet” so they can stand up.

It’s so easy that a 2-year-old can do it. Check it out.

Vehicle to robot:

And robot back to vehicle:

Verdict? We have all 6, so I don’t think it’ll come as a shock to hear that we love them. They’re far and away Sam’s favorite toys at the moment, and they’ve been so for a few months now…which is an eternity for a fickle 2-year-old. I’ve heard rumors (and seen some pictures) of a second wave of vehicles. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if there’s still room in our collection for more Rescue Bots.


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