LEGO Prototyping Challenge

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The National Week of Making was a few weeks back in June, and the event coincided with the National Maker Faire here in Washington, DC. The White House even joined in the fun, and President Obama called for a nation of makers. It was a pretty big deal.

In case you missed it, or in case you’d like to celebrate the Maker Movement every day, LEGO is answering that call and continuing the celebration with a national prototyping challenge. The contest is called “Are You a LEGO Maker?” and LEGO is providing “prototyping kits” to 50 makers (age 13 and up) so they can make working version of their own inventions.

For showcasing a compelling reason needed to power the prototyping process, winners will receive a LEGO Prototyping Kit, including a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit, 1000 LEGO bricks and elements, access to a LEGO MINDSTORMS Expert Builder, and the book Spirit of Invention: The Story of the Thinkers, Creators, and Dreamers Who Formed Our Nation. The challenge runs through July 13.

Visit here for more information and to apply.

As a bit of added inspiration, I leave this here for your viewing pleasure. LEGO recently invaded the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and built the largest U.S. flag….with LEGO, of course. This was to celebrate the opening of the museum’s Innovation Wing, and more than 15,000 visitors helped create the 9.5-by-14-foot flag using more than 100,000 LEGO bricks!

By the way, regular Roarbots readers (or Questions From a Kid viewers) might recognize Chris Steininger as the master builder putting the flag together.

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