What is this place?

I started this blog for a simple reason: to share the stuff my kids love. I realize there are many such blogs, and a lot of them are wonderful. In fact, I was inspired by several. They’re usually great resources for discovering new stuff. However, my kids aren’t always into the absolute latest and greatest things. I’m sure we’re not the only ones. I wanted an outlet to share everything my kids love—old and new.

Some of the things I write about here are old hat to many people. Things like Scooby Doo, Bone comics, and the Magic Tree House book series. Just because they’ve been around a while doesn’t mean they’re obsolete and not worth loving and exploring again. Everything “old” to someone is eventually “new” to someone else. It didn’t matter to my daughter that Scooby Doo, Where Are You? premiered in 1969, long before her parents were even born. She fell in love with the first episode (“What a Night for a Knight”), and it might as well have been a brand-new show created in 2012.

I wanted to be able to highlight some great stuff that may no longer be getting the exposure it deserves.

In a world where anything imaginable is only a few clicks away, everything old is truly new again. My kids are living in a world I could have only dreamed about when I was young.

Who are the Roarbots?

Short story is: My kids. “Roarbots” was the endearing mispronunciation my daughter gave to robots, and the name stuck. This site is an outlet to share, review, and recommend the things my kids love: both old and new. They’re far more photogenic than your humble blogger.





I’m primarily an editor. I’m on staff with one of the preeminent publishers of professional development books for educators. I’m also a freelance editor and writer and have worked extensively in educational publishing: K–12 textbooks and teacher’s materials. My professional life has been focused on children and education long before I had kids of my own.


Please feel free to contact me with thoughts, ideas, compliments, criticisms, and job offers at jamie@theroarbots.com or on Twitter @theroarbots.