New-York Historical Society: Superheroes in Gotham

Photo Oct 10, 10 04 30 AM

Superheroes and popular culture. They’re like peanut butter and jelly. For almost as long as there’s been a “popular culture,” there have been superheroes. I mean, Edgar Rice Burroughs had superhero archetypes in the Barsoom and Tarzan novels as early as 1912 . . . and he wasn’t even the first.

But, realistically, when people think of superheroes, they’re not thinking of John Carter or Dejah Thoris. They’re thinking of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and all the rest. In short, they’re thinking of DC and Marvel characters.

Even those characters are much older than many people think. Mention Superman, and odds are people think of Christopher Reeve. Mention Batman, and people probably think of Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, or his animated form. Iron Man? That’s easy. Robert Downey, Jr. essentially introduced the character to a huge population that had never heard of him before.

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Lego 76000: Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze: Aquaman on Ice

Lego 76000: Arctic Batman™ vs Mr. Freeze™: Aquaman™ on Ice / DC Universe™ Superheroes

Otherwise known as Attack of the Trademark Symbols.

This was Zoey’s second set in the Superheroes line. It had been a while since we put together the first, so she had forgotten about the difficulty jump between these and the Friends and Disney Princess sets. The latter sets of comparable size and piece count are usually much easier to assemble. Still, she was up for the challenge.

It has a white Batman, which–let’s be clear–is what really attracted her to the set. Aquaman and Mr. Freeze were really just bonuses. But, in my opinion, they’re all stellar minifigures, and I want to say that Aquaman is exclusive to this set.

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