runDisney Kids’ Races

Since today is the day that registration opens up to the general public for the 2015 Walt Disney World marathon in January, I thought I’d take this opportunity to report on one of the best aspects of any runDisney event: the kids’ races.

Disney bills the 5k as a “family-friendly fun run,” but 3.1 miles is still a heckuva distance for the littlest ones among us. In response, they’ve set up the kids’ runs, which have a “race” for every member of the family–right down to babies crawling in the diaper dash.

We happened to be in Orlando and at Walt Disney World last October during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Timed to coincide with that event is the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend. We couldn’t resist signing the kids up for a race and checking out what runDisney has to offer our youngest athletes.

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5 Questions with Alan Muraoka

Welcome to the first in a series of Roarbots interviews…with a twist. We’re calling it 5 Questions with a 5-Year-Old. The idea is that Zoey will sit down with various people she’s identified (or who are linked to interests she’s identified) and ask them five simple questions she wants to know the answers to.

She comes up with all the questions. Seriously. I may help her “refine” some of them, but she comes up with each on her own. Don’t worry; I’m not surreptitiously interviewing anyone through my 5-year-old daughter.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Alan Muraoka as her first interviewee. Alan is perhaps most famous for his role on Sesame Street where he’s been the owner of Hooper’s Store since 1998. Zoey was absolutely thrilled to learn that “Alan” on Sesame Street is also named Alan in real life!

Zoey couldn’t have been more excited. And as it turns out, Alan Muraoka is every bit as friendly, charming, and approachable (not to mention patient) as his on-screen persona.

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Epcot DiveQuest

Walt Disney World offers a lot of tours. Most of them are very expensive, and very few are good for kids (i.e., there’s a lot of walking).

When we were last there, I took the opportunity to sign up for DiveQuest at Epcot. Basically, it’s a chance to scuba dive in the huge aquarium at Epcot’s The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion. It may not be the Caribbean or the Great Barrier Reef, but it’s certainly a unique place to dive.

I’ve been diving in Hawaii, the Philippines, and Thailand. Obviously, this was the clearest water with the most…well-curated fish.

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Disney: Frozen Meet & Greet

A few months ago, we made the pilgrimage to Walt Disney World in Florida and just did So. Much. Stuff. We were there for 2 weeks (not in a park every day, thank goodness), and the kids (then age 2 and 4) had a blast. I know a lot of people have taken kids this age and been horribly disappointed or upset that their kids “just weren’t ready” or were too young. We didn’t find this at all.

Zoey had already been to Disneyland in California and Tokyo Disneysea, so she knew the score. It was a first for Sam, but, at 2, I don’t think it could’ve been any better. So much of what he saw and did just thrilled him to the core.

Since the point of this blog isn’t to be the first out of the gate, I don’t feel bad about going back and revisiting some of the highlight and lowlights of our experiences.

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