The Extraordinary Mr. Qwerty


  • The Extraordinary Mr. Qwerty
  • by Karla Strambini
  • published by Candlewick Press (2014)
  • Roar Score: 4/5

Books about the imagination are almost a surefire win in my house. Kids usually don’t need much encouragement to use and get lost in their imaginations, but I’m still a sucker for books that embrace the imagination as the wondrous playground it is.

The Extraordinary Mr. Qwerty runs with this idea but presents a conundrum for the reader: What if you were embarrassed by your imagination?

What if you had exceedingly “strange” ideas? What if they were so strange that you thought other people would laugh at you for even thinking them in the first place? Would people then think that you, too, were strange?

Would you, like Mr. Qwerty, end up feeling alone?

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