Showcase of Citrus


The Showcase of Citrus is slice of “real” Florida that’s mere minutes from all the theme parks. Located in Clermont, FL, it’s a 2500-acre working citrus farm where guests can pick their own fruit and take a swamp safari on the “world’s largest” 4x4s.

Let me just cut right to the chase. If you’ve got kids, this place is fantastic. If you like picking your own fruit, there aren’t many places where you can pick your own oranges (dozens of varieties), tangerines, grapefruit, lemons, and pomelos. Again, this place is fantastic.

If you’re visiting central Florida on a family vacation, you’re likely planning to spend most of your time inside the various theme parks. But what’s worth your non-park time? Because of the parks (and the visitors), there’s a booming industry of tourist traps vying for your money.

You need to be discerning, right?

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Monster Jam


So, Monster Jam is one of those things I’ve heard about forever but have never actually seen live. Anyone who’s ever listened to the radio has probably heard one of those obnoxiously loud commercials: This Sunday! (Sunday! Sunday!)

This past weekend, Monster Jam came through Washington, DC, and I finally had the opportunity to go. What should you expect?

Noise. Lots and lots of noise.

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