Giveaway: Bazooka Joe prize pack


Believe it or not, Bazooka Joe is 60 years old! Doesn’t look a day over 12 if you ask me. I still remember going to the 7-11 on the corner when I was a kid and buying loose, single sticks of Bazooka Joe gum (off the bottom candy rack) for 5 cents each.

And get off my lawn while you’re at it!

To celebrate the anniversary, the brand¬†is getting a bit of a makeover. Topps (Bazooka’s parent company) has enlisted the aid of four stellar illustrators who will design new looks for Bazooka Joe:¬†Benjamin Balistreri (How to Train Your Dragon), Robert Lilly (Nickelodeon Animation Studios), Ben Reynolds (mobile Games for Ghostbusters and Monster Pet Shop), and Victor Instrasomnbat (Clockwork Animation).

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