5 Questions with Kevin Conroy


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Welcome to another installment of 5 Questions with a 5-Year-Old. Today, Zoey chats with Kevin Conroy, voice actor best known as the voice of Batman on Batman: The Animated Series.

For my money, Kevin Conroy is Batman. Pure and simple. He’s the best Batman that ever was and probably ever will be. It’s his voice that defines the character for me—and for many, many other people. Not Christian Bale’s ridiculous growl. Not Michael Keaton’s ominous tenor. No.

Through 85 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series (and the renamed The Adventures of Batman & Robin), Kevin Conroy and his impressive baritone delivered not only the seminal Batman voice but also one of the classic Bruce Waynes.


Conroy continued as Batman in four animated features, in Batman Beyond (as an old, grizzly Bruce Wayne), Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and several DC Universe direct-to-DVD films. He also lent his Bat-voice to the Arkham trilogy of video games.

He’s played Batman longer than anyone else. I’ll say it again: Kevin Conroy is Batman.

It was therefore with more than a little glee that we managed to corner him for a few minutes at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Zoey is a recent inductee into the world of Batman: The Animated Series (i.e., the greatest animated show ever made), and she was hooked from the first episode.

In fact, we’ve begun chronicling our journey through the series here. Be sure to check it out when you have a chance.

This was the highlight of our three days at NYCC…especially what comes at 2:50.

As always, all questions are Zoey’s. I simply prompt her with “clue words” so she can remember. (Make sure you turn on subtitles if you can’t make out Zoey’s questions.)

Thanks so much to Kevin Conroy for taking the time to chat with Zoey. Thanks also to Joe O’Brien at Paradigm Talent Agency for helping to arrange the interview!

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