5 Questions with LEGO Master Builder Chris Steininger


(previous interviews in this series can be found here.)

Welcome to another installment of 5 Questions with a 5-Year-Old. Today, Zoey chats with LEGO Master Builder Chris Steininger.

“Master Builder” is one of those terms that you hear associated with LEGO bricks if you spend any time with them or reading about them. Especially now, after The LEGO Movie made the term so popular.

But few people really know what it means. Are they really like Emmet, Wildstyle, Vitruvius, and Batman? Do they have superpowers? Are they really able to stop Lord Business, destroy the Kragle, and save the universe?

Not quite. But they’re still incredibly cool. Case in point: Chris Steininger.

Zoey caught up with Chris at a stop on the LEGO KidsFest tour to find out what exactly Master Builders do. And make. And how one becomes a Master Builder in the first place.

Because this might be her career path at this point.

As always, all questions are Zoey’s. I simply prompt her with “clue words” so she can remember. (Make sure you turn on subtitles if you can’t make out Zoey’s questions.)

Thanks so much to Chris Steininger for taking the time to chat with Zoey and to Tracey Weiss at LEGO KidsFest for helping to arrange the interview!

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