Lego 41013: Emma’s Sports Car

Lego 41013: Emma’s Sports Car / Friends

It has wheels and a cute kitty. You had Zoey at hello.

Specs: 159 pieces (just a few extras–nothing special); 3 bags; 1 sticker sheet; 42 steps over 40 pages; took the 5yo Roarbot about 45 minutes to assemble everything.

Zoey’s been a fan of the Lego Friends sets for a while now. They were her first “real” Lego, and she really enjoys the sets with animals in them.

She recently put together 60053: Race Car and loved it. So when she saw that there was a similar Friends-themed car, she jumped at it. This set has more pieces than the Lego City kit, but only because we also get a picnic table, street sign, and map with this one.

The colors are very much in line with other Friends sets: lots of pinks and purples. Which is perfectly fine with Zoey. Since the Friends minifigures don’t have holes in the back of their legs (i.e., their butts) like “normal” minifigures, they can’t sit down and be positioned on top of bricks with any sort of stability. That means poor Emma sort of wobbles around in the car when she’s “seated” in the driver’s seat.

Verdict? This is a nice addition to Zoey’s collection, is the same size as similar cars in other Lego lines, and makes a good racing counterpart to the Lego City Race Car mentioned above. Plus, you get a cute backpack, a cat, and an SLR camera for Emma! Nice touch, Lego.

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