Star Wars #9 (Marvel)

Issue #9 (March 1978): Showdown on a Wasteland World

  • Writer/Editor: Roy Thomas
  • Illustrators: Howard Chaykin & Tom Palmer

Previously in this series.

This issue begins with three solid pages of Han’s narration, bringing the reader up to speed on what happened in the previous two issues! I guess the creators weren’t confident enough that their readers either read or understood the nonsense that happened in those pages. Can’t say I blame them.

But when they give Han smooth, natural-sounding narration like this?

Then I got tangled up with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia–and I actually ended up turning noble for a minute there. ‘Course, I tried to re-establish myself in the space mercenary community by paying Jabba back what I owed him–only to get ambushed by space pirates who took the treasure Leia’s rebels gave us…

Not sure this narration is helping their case any. But we are given a nice montage of previous events, even if I have no idea what’s happening here. Don’t really want to know, either…

In any case, it’s time to introduce Han’s weird little crew he’s assembled.

From the left: Don-Wan Kioti (clever, right?), “last of the Jedi Knights”; our superstar Jaxxon; Hedji, a walking porcupine; Amaiza, an old flame of Solo’s; the Starkiller Kid, a useless addition who adds nothing; an Effie, a robot who doesn’t do much more.

The gang attacks a flock of mutant “quasi-human monsters on the wing,” we’re treated to a good fight, and Han saves a helpless woman in a bikini (of course), all before they arrive in the village.

Just like last issue, we’re given two whole pages with Luke and Leia. Luke’s out looking for a new rebel home world. And Leia’s back on Yavin-4, pining for Luke.

Page 14: “Luke, Luke, where are you?” Ugh.

This is what she wants? “You bet your carbon scoring marks?” Oy vay.

Back in the village, Jonah Hex is apparently a crazy village elder who warns Han to leave town immediately. He’s got everything under control.

Han sends him packing. But seriously, how awesome does this dude look?

Page 22: Serji-X Arrogantus (oh, that name!) attacks. All heck ensues. Effie (the robot) is the first to bite it. Then Don-Wan takes a blaster shot to the back. Things are not looking good for Han’s merry band.

Then things take a turn for the worse. Remember Jonah Hex Old Dude? He wasn’t just shootin’ the breeze. He conjures up this bad boy:

Which is where this issue finally ends. Stay tuned!

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