Playmates Booth at Toy Fair 2015

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Here’s the second in my Toy Fair 2015 booth overviews. Check out the overview of the Bandai booth here (hint: there are lots of Power Rangers). Also check out my Toy Fair coverage over on GeekDad: my Top 10 Highlights of Toy Fair and my take on a couple of this year’s Toy of the Year Award Winners.

Today, let’s take a look around the Playmates booth, which had more Ninja Turtles than I’ve ever seen assembled in one place. Seriously, I didn’t count, but there must’ve been close to a googolplex of turtles.

Apparently, Playmates has gone all in with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and they produce almost nothing else at this point. There was a small section of the booth devoted to a preschool doll line, but absolutely everything else was TMNT.

The booth was fairly impressive, and it was very cool to see all the toys in one place. Many of the toys shown were either prototypes or won’t be on sale until later this year. They represent additions to the core line with new action figures, playsets, and vehicles; expansions to the Mutations and Half Shell Heroes lines; and a brand-new line called T-Machines.

T-Machines is a series of die-cast vehicles – consider it a line of Hot Wheels-type cars for TMNT. The 1/50 vehicles will come in single pack or in 2- or 4-packs. There will also be similarly styled T-Machines Sound Vehicles (that will play 10-15 sounds) and playsets.

All in all, if your a Ninja Turtles fan, there’s a ton of great stuff here…

Some notable items pictured above that are available now:

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