Silver Surfer #1

  • Silver Surfer #1: The Most Important Person in the Universe
  • writers: Dan Slott and Michael Allred
  • color artist: Laura Allred
  • published by Marvel Comics
  • Roar Score: 4/5

Full disclosure time. Growing up, I was exclusively a DC reader. I never even read a Marvel superhero comic until I was an adult. The characters just never interested me. Blasphemy, I know.

Now, I’m a full-on convert. If we’re talking capes and spandex, it’s the Marvel universe that I find fascinating. I still flip through¬†DC books every Wednesday, but I’m usually appalled at most of what I see. But that’s content for an entirely different post.

When I saw there was a new Silver Surfer book written by Mike Allred, I jumped. Allred’s Madman comics were a staple of my teenage years. And this new title just looked too cool to miss.

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