The BIG Maze – National Building Museum

National Building Museum

The National Building Museum in Washington, DC, is one of our favorite places in the city. It has been since the kids were very young. It’s a great escape from crowds of tourists, it’s got a fantastic kids play area (Building Zone), and…well…it’s drop-dead gorgeous. It looks like something a giant would’ve built.

This summer, the museum has constructed an enormous maze (60×60 feet), which is surprisingly still dwarfed by the museum’s massive columns (that never fail to impress, no matter how times we visit).

The maze is 18 feet high around the perimeter, but is slopes down to a mere 2-3 feet in the middle. This creates a unique experience while inside, allowing you to peek over the walls as you close in on the center.

This inventive design makes the maze something truly creative—it is essentially a work of art in itself.

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The Big Build – National Building Museum



This past Saturday was The Big Build at the National Building Museum in DC. We’re big fans of the museum, but we’ve never been to this annual event. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be adding it to our regular late summer/early fall rotation. We had an awesome time. Definitely recommended.

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Weekend Events

This coming weekend, September 21-22, has a ton of exciting events in and around Washington, DC. Where are the Roarbots going?

On Saturday, we’re headed to the National Building Museum for The Big Build, which runs from 10-4. We’ve never been (though the ‘Bots are huge fans of the Building Museum), but I’ve heard great things about the event, and it promises to be a good time.

On Sunday, it’s time once again for the National Book Festival. Kevin Henkes (who’s there on Saturday afternoon), Mark Teague, Fred Chao, and Susan Cooper are some of the many authors we’ll be hunting down. Plus, all those PBS characters!

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