Hone Your Battle Skills with Pokemon Toys


Pokemon is a relatively new visitor in my house. Believe it or not, the franchise has been around since 1995! I’ve always been aware of it, but I was just never a fan. I never get sucked into the video games, collectible card game, or animation.

But it’s still around . . . and still more popular than ever! And, thanks to school, my kids have now discovered Pikachu, Ash, and all the rest. As of now, their exposure has been limited to the shows available on Netflix and a few cards they’ve picked up from who knows where. But somehow they still know the names of about 1,000 different Pokemon.

So it was much joy that they tore into two new Pokemon toys from TOMY: Ash’s Arena Challenge and Battle Moves Pikachu. Did they live up to the excitement?

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