Lego 75030: Millennium Falcon Microfighters

Lego 75030: Millennium Falcon / Star Wars Microfighters

The Star Wars Microfighters line is a new line of six small sets that retail for $9.99. This is fairly pricey for the size of the sets, but they’re just so darn cute. We’ve picked up a couple so far (the other is the X-Wing, which will be along here shortly).The size of the minifigure gives a good idea of scale for the whole ship.

Specs: 94 pieces (8 extras–nothing special); 2 bags; 27 steps over 24 pages; and it took the 5yo Roarbot about 30 minutes to assemble.

After only 4 steps, the distinctive shape of the Falcon was already in place. Despite being such a small set, there are a LOT of small pieces buried inside this guy. It took longer to put together than we thought it would.

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