Funko Warner Bros. Mystery Minis

Funko’s blind-box Mystery Minis are quickly becoming some of my favorite things. The boxes we’ve had the pleasure of tearing into so far – including Trollhunters and Disney Afternoon – have been fantastic. The characters Funko has included in each set have been perfect, and the sculpts spot-on and impressive.

For a collector or someone who’s going to display the figures on a desk or bookshelf, they look and feel incredible. For the kids – at least my kids – they’re wonderfully playable and durable.

I really can’t say enough about how GOOD the figures look. These aren’t Funko’s Pop! figures with enormous heads and outlandish proportions. These genuinely look like their respective characters. And with the new Warner Bros. set, the figures feel like you’re holding small animated versions of your favorite characters. I love them.

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