Gulo Gulo

  • Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Jurgen Grunau, Hans Raggan
  • Publisher: Rio Grande Games
  • Plays 2–6
  • Ages: 5+ (in reality, more like 3+)
  • Playing Time: 15–20 minutes
  • Initial Release: 2003
  • Elevator Pitch: Kids dexterity game in which you have to pull a colorful egg from a bowl without knocking over a precariously placed stick.
  • Roar Score: 4/5

It almost doesn’t seem fair to review this game. It’s long out of print and incredibly hard to find. But, if you somehow find a copy for a reasonable price, GRAB IT. Wolfgang Kramer is one of my favorite board game designers, and this one is a real gem.

It’s a simple enough dexterity game. You set up a series of tiles leading toward a smallish wooden bowl filled with colorful jellybeans. Those jellybeans are actually wooden eggs of various colors and sizes.

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